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Word calculate values in table

Microsoft word uses basic formula calculation such as getting sum values, counting the number of rows in a table, product calculation, taking average values and some other functions which can be easily use from the drop down function of the formula.
Word is not a spreadsheet so calculation formulas are limited; of course Excel is the suited tool if the task requires more extensive calculation.
Below is a screen shot on how to use Microsoft Word formula to access basic function for calculation.
From the ribbon tab, insert a Table then click on “Table Tools”, click on “Layout” and select formula from the options.
If there is no Table inserted in Word. “Table Tools” will not be visible and also the formula functions.

See screen shot below:

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Excel formula does not recalculate automatically

Formulas in a worksheet do not automatically recalculate.
By default formula recalculation in Excel is set to automatic but if it has been changed to manual you can set it back to auto.
To set the calculation to auto or manual, click on the “Formula” tab then in the right had corner click on “Calculation options” and select the desired option.

See screen shot below: